Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Can't say enough good about Matt Wharff and his team. I'm a service business owner and thus I have high expectations for great service since I work so hard to provide that to my clients. Matt's team sets the gold standard in service Responsive, FAIRLY priced, professionals and great follow up. Called on a weekend for a waterline replacement after getting a ridiculous estimate from another firm Matt not only called me back but had his team there Monday. Unlike the other firm, Wharff did not require me to remove a section of fence like the other company, charged me HALF....yes you read that right, did not "tear up my yard" like the other contractor said he would, did not make me pay him to simply LOOK at my job and did not make me sign a disclaimer which basically allowed him to make any mistake he wanted without being responsible . OH...AND he gave a 10-year warranty. He also followed up with pics and detailed feedback on what they did. I could go on and on. This crew gets it right and clearly they care about people. They aren't trying to get rich off each client. I imagine they'll be around a long time. Certainly will be my go to for well, septic, drainage and frankly anything else they do. TRUST!

★★★★★ | Derrick Clore

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Matt gave us our quote and started the job the next morning. They had our driveway in in 3 days. Would have been 2 days but they had to wait on the gravel.

We are very pleased with the results of the drive.

As we get further along with our build we will definitely be having them do more work for us.

If you need work to be done, you couldn't ask for anyone better.

★★★★★ | Wilma Bordenkecher

Even getting excavation folks to come out to consider your project can be a hassle when people are busy. It requires a resetting of expectations particularly in good weather. Matt got out to look over our project after about a month and a half of waiting and gave me a good thorough review and solid quote on the work.

While our entire project wound up lasting over six months, it was not the fault of Wharff. A simple basement drainage issue with trenches, pipes, new concrete and a new sump pump turned into a second project that included them digging out an area of our basement for a new bathroom.

They were willing to dig out the area that we weren't 100% certain would work for the bath with my assurance that I'd hold myself to blame if it simply didn't work. They were patient and flexible when I simply could not get a plumber out to do the work and again when the digging out of that area impacted their prior work on the drainage which required some adjustment to the sump pump.

And despite all of the debris, dirt, concrete and lots of feet walking up/down our stairs and out the door with loads and loads of everything involved, Noble and his team kept the space reasonably clean and well kept.

There will always be room for improvement with any team and ups and downs that they deal with. Scheduling can be difficult, but Lisa kept us reasonably informed of if/when their team would be at/in our home for the work. The occasional hiccup when I had to leave or they had to run to another site is easily overlooked when they really continually did great work all around.

Overall, the two projects cost us a good used car worth of money, but the work they did and the professionalism they displayed throughout made it the easiest checks we've written.

These folks do hard work and do it well. You can count on them to deliver.

★★★★★ | John Hall

They got with me to set up appointment pretty quick. They came out and explained was needed to be done for the couple cracks in my basement wall. They had on their masks and they took off shoes. They walked me through what they would do, I understood it. ( I did a little previous research) They sent me quote same day. Owner was explaining and another person took pictures. I called next day to set up date to complete work, they added me to the next week's calendar. They sent email a couple days later with an exact day and time. The person came out and completed the work. He seemed to be thorough. I also called back to ask a couple questions and someone called me right back. So far, I think they are a good company to use and if needed I would use again.


Very well. The crew was in and out in one day. This was back in Nov-Dec 2020. I'm submitting my review just now because I had not had an opportunity to determine whether it solved the problem until today, with the ground thawing and 8-10" of snow having melted. All signs are good . . . no water in the basement, not even any water emptying into my sump pump from the outside. And I can see that the water is draining out to our sloped front yard now, as expected. Nicely done, Wharff!


From start to finish, my experience with Wharff was outstanding. The quoting process was very easy and the costs were detailed. They over-communicated throughout the entire process and the crew of workers that were in and outside my home were as good as they get. Explained what they were doing, listened and worked very hard. We looked around at other companies but so very glad we went with Wharff. Highly recommended!


Excellent experience in all ways. Matt's crew removed the old concrete, excavated down to solid ground, backfilled with crushed stone, and installed a new concrete slab. From estimate to completion, the work took less than a week, with the right equipment and a good team. The new drive is much better quality and the work was done per the estimate. I would definitely hire Wharff Excavating again.


Matt and William were quite thorough, surveying the inside and outside perimeter of my home, taking notes and explaining in detail the work that needed to be completed. Wharff was the most thorough of the businesses I contacted and clearly knew their stuff. Their proposal was comprehensive and reasonable. The workers arrived on time daily and each evening William gave me a call with an update of the day and what would happen next. When a problem arose with the unit not receiving power, they came out in a timely manner and resolved the matter. My only lament as they did not leave me the instruction booklet for the sump pump.


After reviewing listings on Angie's list and having a basement under water that another restoration company couldn't fix, I called Matt Wharf. He came out to review my situation and very quickly observed what needed to be done. The company provided a written estimate a day later and after approval, they were able to get the work going sooner than expected. Although the job was in the 5-figure range, they brought out 7-8 workers for four days to dig to the basement footers, retreat the walls with waterproofing and plastic sheeting, put in a double-wall perimeter drain surrounded by gravel, dig trenches along three walls in an interior room, and then add drainage tile to the sump pump. They reset the sump pit height and resurfaced the area where they dug the trenches with concrete. They installed hard-walled PVC piping to extend the drainage from 5 downspouts and buried the pipe underground so they'd drain into a ravine. The guys worked hard and long with heavy and muddy soil, cleaned up after themselves and regraded the backyard so water would stay away form the house. All-in-all the price was very fair given the extent of work they did.


Great communication, easy scheduling, top notch work and a polite, courteous, competent crew.