• Erosion Problems Are Our SpecialtyWe are experts at fixing (and preventing) erosion problems. Let us help you with yours.
  • How About a Walkout Basement?Do you want a walk-out basement, but didn't think you could have one? We can make it happen.
  • Creative Solutions to Erosion ProblemsWe can help you turn an erosion problem into a usable space.
  • Storm Shelter InstallationAre you in a remote area without a safe location to go when a severe storm is coming? You may want to consider a storm shelter for safety.
Erosion Problems Are Our Specialty1 How About a Walkout Basement?2 Creative Solutions to Erosion Problems3 Storm Shelter Installation4
Excavation in Indiana - Wharff Excavating
Wharff Excavating specializes in all types of excavation and site work including concrete, stump removal, demolition, drainage, trenching, foundation repair, culverts (CMP and Concrete), driveways, finish grading, sodding of yards, land clearing, koi ponds, retention ponds, footings, Indiana basement digging, water jetting, pulverizing and conditioning soil, site preparation and swales. Don’t forget, Indianapolis snow removal and storm shelter digging is available as well.

Our goal at Superior Safe Rooms is to provide you and your family with the most protection, comfort and security at a very competitive price.

Weather is so unpredictable and dangerous anymore. You and your family deserve the best in safety and protection.

Each Superior Safe Room can be customized to fit your specific needs. We can create any size unit you want!

Excavation in Indiana - Wharff Excavating is family owned

We’re Family Owned Since 1964

For over 4 decades we have been offering the very best in excavation and drainage services in central Indiana.

Excavation in Indiana - Wharff Excavating uses the Finest Materials & Equipment

The Finest Materials & Equipment

We wouldn’t cut corners at our house, so we won’t cut corners at yours. That means using the finest materials and equipment to get the job done right.

Angie's List Award

Top Service Award on Angie’s List & BBB!

We are very proud of the awards we have received for our quality of care and service, and we are ready to show that to you as well.

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