Safe Room Features

Modular Construction

Because our units are modular designs, they can be installed in any size space, in any location of your home. Because they are also laser cut to precision, you can also add on to your safe room at any point.

Digital Peep Sites*

Our Safe Rooms can be equipped with digital peep sites that record up to 1500 images and a motion detector. This site replaces the peephole commonly used in entry doors that you must press your face up against to view. Push a button and it shows you who is at the door and snaps a picture of all the visitors without them ever knowing. Perfect for elderly, kids at home and traveling professionals. It is self contained pictures are kept on a micro SD card and viewed on the camera itself. No complicated TV or computer interface needed. Never be surprised again! Away from your home or business? Upon return, review the images captured by the peephole camera during your absence.

Carpeted Interior Walls*

*(OptionalAnother premium feature of our safe rooms is carpeted walls. This improves the look, comfort and noise reduction of the unit.


*(OptionalAdding drywall to the interior of the safe room furthers insulates the unit and adds to the overall comfort of the space.